Thursday, September 16, 2010

Promises Promises

I like to pretend that I have a huge blog audience. Almost as big as Ali Edwards. I know how crazy I sound. So here are some pictures of my Project Life that I promised a while back. This one is done. I know I keep on saying how easy this is but it is because it is true. A 7 photo LO with journalling done.
For this one I cut out "friends" on the Cricut. I am keeping the theme the same. I use the real dial size on the Cricut the Plantin cartridge and try and keep the size at 1 1/4. I took a whole lotta photos of my daughter's gymnastic recital but I managed to get them all in on these two pages. Those pictures would have sat around forever before. 16 photos on the two pages and I did some journalling about the recital. I also did some labels that I pasted onto the photos. Another page done. In the Project Life kit she includes some double sided pattern paper. The bottom sections on the page dividers is some of the paper that I cut up. This page is the start of the process. I decide which photos I want to put on the page and then cut them up. Then I will decide which journalling cards and paper to put in the empty slots. On the photos on the bottom I will mount it on some of the pattern paper that comes with the kit. This page is almost done. I have a note in the top left pocket about a correction I want to make. So far I have journalled on every single day. It gets to be a lot of journalling but I liked that day in the life concept. Some of the journalling I paste on the back of a card or picture and put "journalling on the back". Here is another page in progress. Some pages have more jouralling and some have more pictures. It just depends on the photos I take. I don't plan it. I am very pleased with this project and would highly recommend it. I am sure if you have been reading you get that point already. Another in progress page. A completed page with some letters cut out on the Cricut. You can see the month dividers that come in the kit on the left side of the page-they are transparent. Another finished page. This one is a work in progress. I am going to cut something out on the cricut and you can see my journalling strips that I need to glue on. Finished. Finished.

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