Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easter and Baby Braden

 I had some Easter photos to do but no Easter paper so I cut out some eggs on the Cricut. 
 I like this one the best.  I just made rows and rows of eggs.
I love the way this one turned out.  The paper is from a Martha Stewart pack of papers I got a long time ago.  I was so proud of myself for creating the folded flower.  It took me a couple tries and it is still not 100% but I was happy.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

December Daily goodies

I found some snowflake stamps and some kaleidoscope embossing powder at Michael's the other day.  I am going to be using that and some Christmas tape from Martha Stewart.  I should take some pictures because I was super excited about the Christmas tape.  It is just what I wanted.  He He.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

December Daily

 I took these photos with my phone so they are not the best.  These are the embellished squares for my December Daily layouts.  You can't see in the photo but I stitched on them all.
I have all my squares cut up at 4x4.  I love this echo park paper.  It is good sturdy double sided paper.  The paper with all the numbers is my fav.


 These pages are always  hard for me to leave alone.  I always feel like I need to add something to that big white space. 
 This is the first page for my December Daily.  I spilled some water on my desk so it got wet.  I am hoping that will flatten out in my album.  I have never done a page without a picture before. 
 Some super quick pages I did for our Bloomsday photos.  I took way too many photos as usual.

 The numbers for my December Daily.  I am planning on scrap lifting an page from Ali's Life Artist book.  I will tweak it a bit.  These are stickers from echo park.  I am a sucker for the cute stuff.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday November 15, 2011

Today I got all my little bits ready for my December Daily.  I took a few photos with my phone and I will try and get them on here tomorrow.  All I need now is some white paper and perhaps a snowflake stamp.  I am scraplifting a page from Ali Edward's Life Artist book.  I am going to have to tweak it a bit since the layout would have me taking 7 pictures each day and I doubt I would keep up with that.  I just hope I can keep up with the journalling.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy Scrapping

 I haven't put any of my pages on here in a while.  These are a few I have done lately.  This one is a scrap lift from Elizabeth Kertchner's 52 challenge book.  I used up a bunch of old paper that I had.  I know I have said this before but just cut up that paper you have been saving.  I have had some of this paper for over 10 years.  Waiting for what. 
 I love the stickers on this page.  I believe they still have it at Paper Pals.  It is filled with birthday celebration stickers.  I love how cute they are.  I am a sucker for the cute.
 This one is another scrap lift from the 52 challenge book.  I don't think it is one of Elizabeth's and in the original LO it was butterflies and not animals. 
 I purchased the Amber Project Life and decided to do my 2009 photos.  I have scrapped a few pages from this year and I just add them in along with the Project Life.
 I got the Turquoise edition of Project Life to do my 2011 book because the Amber edition seemed a bit girly.  Now that I have it I really like it.  It just seems fancy to me. 

 I got these page protectors from Becky Higgins line and I am thinking it is the design F.  I was originally thinking of using them for photos of Abi's artwork.  I had taken a lot lot of pictures at this Easter party and these divided page protectors worked perfectly.
 I then used some We R Memory Keepers 4x4 divided page protectors for the pictures that I couldn't cut down to a 3x4 size.
Well that is about it.  I have been really going to town and trying to get caught up.  I still have 2008 photos to scrap.  I am caught up to April on both my 2009 and 2011 Project Life books.  I have purchased the paper for my December Daily but I haven't come up with what I want to do yet.  I should post some pictures of what I did last year.  I am thinking that I will end up doing it that way again.  I have also been smashing.  Yes my house work is going to pot.  Really I have mostly been doing all this while Abi is in school or at night when she is in bed.

Monday, November 7, 2011

December Daily

I bought a bunch of Christmas paper at Paper Pals the other day.  I went for the cute stuff.  I just gravitate towards it.  Now I need an idea on how I am going to do it.  I have been looking on Flickr but haven't found anything.  Of course I love Ali's style but the Studio Calico kit is like $70.  I like to do what Ali does but I also like to put my own spin on it.  I should post some photos of my last year December Daily.  I just used my Project Life page protectors and that worked out well.