Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Daily-Day One

I do have some photos to upload but Abi has the camera right now.  She loves taking pictures.  I sure am glad we got her her own camera for her birthday.  I even have a file for just her photos.  Some of them are so cute.  I will one day print them out and scrap them.  One day.  Just like all the other things I am going to do one day. 
So for December 1st I have done my journaling.  I formatted a word document with 6-3x4 squares.  I journaled about yesterday and started today.  So far I have filled up 5 squares.  I also wrote out our December Wish List.

December Wish List:
○ gingerbread houses
○ decorate cookies
○ see Santa at the mall
○ see Santa at the tree lighting
○ see Santa come by the house
○ wrap presents
○ Chuck’s party
○ Larson family get together
○ take Christmas photos on Christmas day
○ watch a whole bunch of Christmas movies
○ go to Lewiston to see the Christmas lights
○ make a snowman
○ make an igloo
○ try to make gingerbread cookies
○ fondue on Christmas Eve

I plan on downloading my photos and then planning my December 1st page or pages.  I will print out my journaling once I have filled all 6 of my squares.  I am also keeping a lined journal handy so I can jot down things that I think of during the day.  I love this project. 

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