Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 4&5

I am feeling such a strong urge to go get some photo's developed so I can do a bit of my album.  I am not sure how long I can hold off.  I usually wait till they have a sale or until I have a ton of photos.  I have been keeping up with my journaling and I upload my photos every day.  I had to tweak my word document a bit.  The 3x4 spaces were a bit too big so I cut them down to 2.9x3.9.  This works much better.  I also printed out a graph paper design on both sides of my cardstock.  I have decided to include a bit of my own writing to tell the story of the pictures.  My journaling does not always reflect what is going on in each photo.

 I found some graph paper in word and printed it out on both sides of some white cardstock
I then printed out the other word document I created on top of the graph paper.  I am typing up my journaling in each box.  I took a bit of playing to get it how I liked it.  I then just cut out my little cards.
Here is what the cards will look like when I am done.  I corner rounded them because I love that look.  This particular card is too large so I had to fix it.  I left a bit of space at the top and bottom on my fixed cards so the corner rounding didn't cut my letters off.  I will sew my 4x6 photo sleeve in half so I can slide in my journaling cards and the other decorative 3x4 cards.  On the journaling cards that I have fixed the small bit of space that is left at the top and bottom may get a stamp or some kind of embellishment.  I will work on this tonight and update you tomorrow, just in case you are patiently waiting.

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