Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Growth Chart

I made a growth chart for my daughter's room for a project we were challenged to do for Paper Pals.  I got to use the Claudia Hellmuth's Stamps-Bloom.  They come as a foam stamp set and then a clear stamp set. You can use them together or separate.  I have been looking at a growth chart at Land of Nod for a while and thought this would be a perfect replacement. 

I am not much of a stamper so it was a challenge for me.  I made a few mistakes.  The stamp set is designed to look like off register printing.  The red flower that I stamped is a bit too off but I got better on the other red flowers.  I stamped the flowers first with the foam stamps and some acrylic paint I had.  Then when the paint was dry I stamped over it with the clear stamp with black dye ink. 

I save my cardboard backers.  I cut 3 of them down to 8x12 then taped them together on one side.  As you can see one piece of cardboard has been used under a paint project.

I then glued 2" strips of cream paper to the entire length with the Yes glue.  I wanted it to have a decoupaged look.

I just spread this glue on with my fingers.  Washes off with no problem and it doesn't leave your paper bubbly.

As you can see I had too much paint on my stamp and it slipped when I pressed it down.  I also had a bit of paint on my finger that got on the paper.  I will show you how I fixed that.

If you spread the paint out well and make sure you don't get too much on your stamp it works out well.  I spread it out on wax paper.

Here is another mistake.  As I was lifting up my clear stamp I dropped it and it fell here.  I tried to restamp it to see if I could do something with it but I ended up covering the whole thing up.

Here is what I covered my little boo boo up with.  The little blue dots I painted on were to cover up the paint that had gotten on the paper from my fingers.  I just circled them with a black pen.
This was one of my favorite leaves.  It was a learning experience.  I just marked the numbers on the side with a pen and painted on the measurement marks.  I tried not to get too fussy.  When I was finished I painted around the edges with black paint and then mod podged the whole thing.  I punched two holes in the top and threaded some ribbon through.

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  1. You put so much detail work into this! I just love it. And you're so good to not put it on your blog till we posted it (thanks)-- I cheated and posted one of my projects early. I try not to do it very often! :)